Other Blogs You'll Love

I spend a lot of time reading blogs. I've listed below the ones I read and enjoy.

Some of these blogs inspired me to launch High Heels in the Wilderness. Many of you probably clicked over to my blog for the first time because of the kind words and a link on one of these blogs. Some of these bloggers stop by my blog quite often to say hello; you'll see their names in the comments. Some of them have become my friends over the years. I join a few of them every week for their link-up "parties." And I read them all regularly. 

If you're not familiar with them, have a look. 

1010 Park Place

Bag and a Beret

Coffee On the Porch With Me 

Daily Plate of Crazy

Fake Fabulous

Fashion Should Be Fun

Materfamilias Writes

No Hat, No Gloves

Not Dead Yet Style

Not Dressed as Lamb


Suzanne Carillo

That's Not My Age

Une Femme D'un Certain Age


  1. Hello Susan
    My name is Anne and I chatted with you on Friday at hockey party .
    I have just spent some time reading your blog and it is fantastic.
    Would you ever be able to meet to explain how best to use a blog. I have my own art blog but have no idea how to get people to comment on the blog
    Would love to hear more about blogging

  2. I rather like your current tagline although I've always been a bit puzzled by your blog name High Heels in the Wilderness. You never wear high heels and I don't think you live in the wilderness but I could be wrong. It is unforgettable though and that's a good thing. Love your postings; your audience is similar to mine - baby boomer women. Check out my own tagline at boomerbroadcast.net. I've also struggled with it and revised it a million times. Keep up the great work.


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