Tuesday, 19 February 2019

High Heels in the Wilderness has moved...

Hi folks. Just a quick post to let you know that I've migrated my blog to Word Press (with a ton of help). I've published a new post over there and we expected it to go out to you guys this morning. But well... best laid plans and all that... it didn't. 

Here's the link to the home page for the new site: 
                                 High Heels in the Wilderness 

And to the new post:   

                                        Why We Travel

You should start getting the posts in your e-mail inbox next time I post which will be on Friday. Expect a delivery early Saturday morning from "Mail Chimp."

You may want to clear your browser's cache/history and copy and paste the new site URL into your bookmarks. I've had trouble finding the new site on my i-pad because the darned machine would NOT stop going where it always went before. 

Sorry I was asleep at the wheel and didn't get this notice out before... but  I wanted to surprise you with that e-mail mail delivery ... which didn't happen. 

Surprise! Ha. 

Hope you like the new look. Hope everyone can comment now. Hope you all stick around even if it's been a bit glitchy this week. If you want to leave a comment please do so on the new site. 

Asleep at the switch in Peru a while ago. 

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