Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fall Rhapsody in My Closet

Fall is glorious in our neck of the woods. It's my favourite season. Not just because of Hubby's return to his rightful place in the kitchen, our very own version of "Return of the King," without the hobbits. Ha. But also because of the glorious fall colours, on the trees, as well as in my closet. 

Like the colour of my new (new-ish, now) Uniqlo light down vest. I love this piece. I love the rich burgundy, the weightlessness, the fact that it's not too tight but not too bulky, the length which covers just enough of what needs to be covered, and the added warmth it provides. 

I wore this vest a lot in Italy, with jeans, sneakers (d'uh), a striped cotton sweater from Massimo Dutti, and my Burberry scarf.  I chose the colour of the vest to go with my Max Mara tweed fall coat, and hopefully with my burgundy Akris turtleneck from last year. It works beautifully with both. And I've worn it pretty much constantly since we came home. 

woman in burgundy sweater and vest, scarf and blue jeans, standing under a tree amidst fallen leaves.
Heading out to meet my "To Hell with the Bell" lunch group last week

Monday, 29 October 2018

Italy: Taking the Roads Less Travelled.

Snow is falling this morning, the leaves that haven't been raked yet are a sodden mess, and everything everywhere is melting and dripping. Hubby is up to his usual late fall tricks. It's too soppy and slippy to walk, or golf, and not cold enough to ski, so he's alternating between chopping wood for the fireplace, and cooking. I do love having a husband who is easily bored. Ha.

And I am... well... as you can see... venturing back to Italy. 

Road up to Campo Imperatore, in the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain range
Outside of L'Aquila, heading back down from Campo Imperatore

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Italian Chic: One Canadian's Perspective

Hubby and I love to travel. But when we're away for a few weeks, we start to long for home. And certain things at home. Popcorn, mashed potatoes, tea and toast, the view of the river from our sun room when dusk falls and the geese are landing. And my wardrobe. Well, I long for my wardrobe. Hubby doesn't care one way or the other. Ha. And if we're away when the seasons change, well that just makes my longing even more pronounced. 

So while it was still a balmy 25°C in Rome last week, I was gazing in the shop windows at fall fashions and kind of whimpering. That, and looking wistfully at all the chic Italian women I saw on the street, on the subway, and in shops. My well-edited travel wardrobe was wearing a bit thin by this time, and I was right royally sick of black, white, and grey.

I've been itching to share some of my observations on Italian fashion with you. Very non-expert observations, of course, from the perspective of one Canadian woman... of a certain age. So, let's take a break from my travel narrative, shall we, to talk fashion? 

Gucci shop window in Rome
Gucci shop window in Rome

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Italy: The View from My Couch

We've only been back in Ottawa for four days and already Italy seems long ago and far away. 

Rome was a faint memory when we arrived home a few nights ago, the wind blowing fallen leaves against my ankles as I fumbled in the darkness to unlock our back door, opened it to a slightly musty, closed-up-house smell, and glimpsed the film of dust on everything. Venice, and moonlit walks along the canal in Murano, seemed a lifetime ago as I winnowed down the mounds of laundry, hanging a load on the clothesline, then rushing out with the clothes basket when it began to rain, and then snow. Okay, it was only a few flakes. But still... snow!

View of Florence from Piazzale Michelanglo
View of Florence from Piazzale Michelanglo

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Italy Prima Parte: Water, Water Everywhere

I'm sitting in our B&B room in Agerola, high above Amalfi, as I write this morning, looking out at the clouds that sit on the terrace, with the windows wide open desperately hoping that the underwear and socks and tee shirts we washed by hand yesterday morning will somehow dry. Ha. Faint hope, I think. 

View of the Amalfi coast from Agerola
View of Amalfi taken as we walked the steps down from Agerola