Sunday, 29 July 2018

On Uniforms and the Evolution of Personal Style

I've been thinking lately of the idea of style uniforms, and how our adult style, our personal style, if you will, evolves. Of course this is because my uniform for the past week has been leggings or pyjama bottoms, and a loose, soft tee. So no style, and no brassiere. Because of a painful shingles rash, I haven't even been able to consider wearing a bra. And this reminded me of the early-seventies, when barely a year after I needed to wear a bra, I stopped wearing one. 

The irony is that I'd been so delighted when I actually needed a bra. In fact, I wore one needlessly for two years just because everyone else had one. I remember telling my mum tearfully that I simply couldn't attend my friend Mary's pyjama party in grade seven and be the only girl wearing an undershirt. Ha. 

teenage girls at a pyjama party in the sixties
Pyjama Party 1969

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

When Plans Get Derailed

Let's talk about derailments for a moment, shall we? I have a story to tell. There may be profanity. So be warned.

a lake in Algonquin Park at dusk
Achray Campground in Algonquin Park.     Photo courtesy of Turnipseed Travel

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Shirt, Skirt, Sneakers. Repeat.

I seem to be stuck in a fashion rut these days. Very happily stuck, I might add. Happy to pull on what has become my style uniform this summer. 

For running around doing errands, meeting a friend for lunch, shopping, whatever... I've been wearing a shirt, a skirt, and sneakers. Over and over. 

two shots of a woman in a denim skirt, white tee and white sneakers. One with a jacket and one with a sweater.
White tee, denim skirt, sneakers. Again and again.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Passion for Books

I have a passion for books. A deep and enduring love of reading that began early in life, and which has not abated in the ensuing years. I'm sure that as a kid, many summer days when I should have been running around outdoors, I had my nose in a book. 

In fact, I've written here many times about how much of my life I've spent with my nose in a book. I've written about books I love, and those I don't love quite so much. And even about the fact that finding a new and captivating writer can be very much like falling in loveThat's what happened when Hubby and I were on our camping trip last month. I fell head over heels for a new writer. 

photo of woman in black sweater
Author Susie Steiner   source

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Hitting a Shopping Home Run

Shopping can be a lot like baseball, you know. Sometimes you strike out. And sometimes you hit a home run. And sometimes you hit that home run without even trying. To do that takes one talented shopper. Or a very lucky one. Or one who has a secret, or maybe not-so-secret, batting technique, if you'll excuse the strangled metaphor. 

If I am very lucky in my shopping ventures, it's usually due to hard slog: lots of preparation, wardrobe assessment, research, and then tramping around to a million stores to find out what I want. Or... it's because I arrange to go visit my friend Liz, for lunch or coffee at Nordstrom, and she says she has something to show me that I might like. And I do, and it comes home with me. Wham. Home run without even trying. 

That's what happened the other day.  

woman in navy skirt and jacket, white tee, and white sneakers. Posing in front of white hydrangeas.
What I wore on my lunch date aka accidental shopping adventure.
Veronica Beard jacket, Burberry denim skirt, Vince tee, Michael Kors bag, Stan Smith Adidas.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Why I Am Not On A Diet

Let's get this straight, I am NOT on a diet. I don't believe diets work in the long-run. And most experts who aren't trying to sell you a diet plan will agree. 

But. And here's the kicker. Despite the fact that I exercise most days, and even though Hubby and I have made numerous healthy changes in our diet since his heart surgery... I've gained five pounds in the last three years. Now, how the heck did that happen? I was shocked when I stepped on the scale a couple of weeks ago, even though it only confirmed what I'd suspected. I had gained weight. My jeans and my mid-section had been telling me the whole sad story for a while. 

woman in blue pants suit and red loafers. White sweater, sneakers and black pants. Black dress, sandals and jean jacket.
Looks that hide what I want to hide  

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Everything is Better With Some Cows Around

Yesterday was my step-father's birthday. He would be ninety-six if he were alive, but he died ten years ago. We still miss him. Lloyd Samuel McGibbon was quite a man, you know. Kind, strong, patient. He had to be to take on us lot all those years ago. Ha.  

Lloydie on wheels. Making good use of my step-brother's old bike. Sometime in the 1980s.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Too Hot to Handle

The weather, I mean. The weather has been too hot to handle lately. And I am not good in the heat, especially when it's thirty-five degrees Celsius with a humidex in the low forties. 

To be honest, summer is not my best season. 

Everyone else adores summer, but me. I struggle. I do.

My hair frizzes, and seems to grow in volume the second I poke my nose outdoors. And when it's humid and windy, like at an event we attended the other night, well, the result is not pretty. A free-form, wind-sculpted, frizz extravaganza. I don't deal well with summer humidity. If it's very humid, outdoor exercise is a no-no for me because I'll struggle to draw a breath. The bugs love me. I puff up with insect bites, and the red lumps itch for what seems like weeks. I freckle easily and burn quickly in the sun. I don't tan. Actually I did have a rather nice tan for a few years in my thirties, when Hubby and I were golfing regularly. But years ago, probably around the time I gave up golf, I began to slather sunscreen and stopped worrying about being pale all summer. And... when it's really hot, I puff up all over, and my jeans seem to shrink. Ha. When it's not too hot to wear jeans. Or long pants in general.

Seriously, I should just stay indoors until September. But that is not an option. In fact, I can't imagine anything more depressing. So today I shoehorned myself off the couch where I've been ensconced with my book for the past day and a half, and rummaged in my closet to see if I could find something reasonably cool and comfortable to wear shopping and errand running this week. 

woman in striped skirt, white tee, white sneakers standing by blooming hydrangeas
Billowing skirts on the Rideau.