Saturday, 28 April 2018

The One Scarf

Weirdly enough, I've been quoting (or misquoting, actually) Tolkien a lot in the past few days. Ever since I found the perfect scarf. The one scarf.

You know the line I mean, from Lord of the Rings: "One scarf to rule them all, and in the closet bind them"... or something. "Them" being all my jackets and coats and sweaters and shoes. The one perfect scarf I need to unite all my reds and my blues. 

It's a gorgeous Burberry scarf. Navy and white and red plaid. And since it's Burberry I paid too much for it. I know. But it is the perfect navy, and the perfect red that I need to go with my new Montcler anorak, and my red loafers. 

woman in navy coat, jeans, white tee, plaid scarf, and red shoes
The exact scarf I need to match my new coat and loafers.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Lunching Ladies

I love to meet friends for lunch. In big groups, or small groups, or when it's just two of us. We catch up with each other's lives, trade travel stories, or family stories, swap books... whatever. I guess you could say, I'm a lady who lunches. An unrepentant lady who lunches. 


Saturday, 21 April 2018

What To Do When You Can't Muster a Half-Decent Outfit Post

It's official. I am declaring that I have been totally out of sorts for at least a week. In fact, I've been downright cranky. Not to mention pouty, crabby, grouchy, snappy, and cross. Sigh. I blame mother nature. I mean, snow and sleet and miserably cold weather in April will defeat anyone's Pollanna complex. 

Being cranky means I haven't felt even remotely inspired fashion-wise. I tried to muster a few outfits and some decent photos on a couple of days this week. Most of the shots I deleted. Outfit combinations were decidedly uninspired. And the pictures were worse. Both days were cold and blowy, with snow and no sun. So no outside shots, and not very well lit inside ones. I couldn't scrounge up a happy smile, no matter how much I played Pollanna's "glad game." 

three shots of woman in blue suit jacket, blue anorak, jeans, red shoes, and coral scarf
Uh, okay. How come these pieces, all of which I love, look "meh" together?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

In Praise of Solitude

We're having a resurgence of winter here in eastern Ontario, indeed in most of Canada, it seems. Snow and sleet and freezing rain. And high winds. Yesterday, I ensconced myself by the gas stove in my sun room, and read. And napped. Most of the windows looking out onto the river were frosted from the freezing rain. I could just make out the ice covered tree tops lashing about, and hear the wind blowing the ice off the branches and up against the windows. It was a day good for nothing but lounging about with one's book. 

Painting of girl reading by Harold Knight
Girl Reading. Harold Knight. 1932    source

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Making Ourselves Up

I saw this picture in Vogue magazine a while ago. It made a shiver run down my spine. And brought back memories of my teenage years. Of making myself up every morning before school. Because, of course, at sixteen, I felt strongly that a good coat of something, or numerous somethings, was needed to disguise my true, freckly, pimply self. Like Clearasil cream, green eye shadow, and peachy cream blush. And, the pièce de résistance, Mabelline Great Lash mascara, huge swaths of it, at least three sticky coats of the stuff. What followed were eyelashes which required some major de-clumping. Hence, the safety pin.

I've been making myself up, so to speak, ever since I hit puberty. Applying make-up to create a better version of myself. A stronger, more confident, better able to face the world version of me. 

shot of someone using a safety pin to separate eye lashes
DIY eyelash de-clumper in Vogue

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Looking for Sunshine in My Closet

Yesterday, I read a post on my friend Frances' blog, Materfamilias Writes. She talks in the post about wanting a little colour in her outfits while she waits for spring. "Spring," I sighed. 

I am pining for spring too. Or at least for weather that encourages me to think that spring might just possibly be possible this year. We've had cold, grey weather this week. And I'm pining for warmth and sunshine. And oddly, as a result, pining for yellow. If I can't have warmth or sunshine, then I'll settle for the colour of sunshine. 

While I've been on my exercise bike, lately, I've been scrolling through Pinterest, and pinning pictures of everything yellow. Flowers, old farmhouses, lemon yellow quilts. And some fashion, of course. If I can't have sunshine in real life, I'll have it on my i-pad. You might say all that pining has lead to a lot of pinning.  

painting of woman and yellow jonquil flowers
The Jonquils by Childe Hussan 1904    source

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Tales from My Travel Journal: Adventures Downunder

"Stop!" I shrieked as we hurtled along the Bass Highway, south of Melbourne, Australia, "Stu-u-u... sto-o-o-op. It's the giant worm!" 

Ha. Writing that makes me laugh. When I shouted at Hubby to stop, we were on our way from Melbourne to Victoria's Ninety Mile Beach, and from there heading up the Great Alpine Road to our motel in Bright, in the last month of what we called our "Great Adventure Downunder." Aptly named because everything in Australia seemed to be great. Or Giant. The "Great Ocean Road," the "Great Alpine Road," the "Giant Orange," the "Giant Pineapple." I could go on. So before we headed up the Great Alpine Road, we had to stop at the famous "Giant Worm." I mean, we had to, didn't we? 

woman on second floor balcony of an Australian pub
Our pub accommodation, somewhere in Australia, 2003. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Should I Elevate My Off Duty Wardrobe?

Last weekend I opened an e-mail from which outlined the "essentials" for great weekend style, and offered advice on how to "elevate" my "off-duty wardrobe." That gave me pause. "Off-duty wardrobe. I don't have an off-duty wardrobe anymore," I thought. Simply by virtue of the fact that I don't have an on-duty wardrobe. When I was still working, my closet was filled with clothes I wore to work, and clothes I wore on the weekends. Now it's all weekend wear, all the time.