Monday, 27 February 2017

Travel in South America: Parte Uno

So. South America. We're here. Have been for a while. But I want to begin this story at the beginning. I told Hubby this afternoon that I was going to sub-title this post : "The Urban Sophisticates Do Buenos Aires." Sadly, he was trying to settle down for a nap and falling out of bed laughing was not conducive to his rest. Urban we are not. Not really, not deep down. And sophisticates we definitely ain't. Ha. So being in South America is pretty big for us. We've travelled a lot, but this feels completely different. Seriously different, and seriously cool.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Cleared for Take-off

Our bags are packed. We're ready to go. Just a few more days and we'll be "leaving on a jet plane." But before then I have to decide what the heck to wear to travel.

Vintage poster for Braniff airlines. Buenos Aires

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Keeping It Real... Blogging in the Age of Alternative Facts

Yesterday, Hubby and I were cross-country skiing. Probably my last ski before we leave for our trip. And as we shushed along a woodland trail, and exclaimed at the size of some of the old willow trees that grow out of the swampy area adjacent to the track, we talked. As we are wont to do. About lots of things. Like politics, here and south of the border. About stuff we've read recently. And on this particular day, about blogging. And how I wish everyone who blasts information and ideas across the internet, bloggers included, would just ... be honest. And stop exaggerating, for pity's sake. And just keep it real.

Okay. I'm calm now. I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. Partly I've had a dearth of creative blogging ideas. And partly because I've been way too focused on what else there is out there in the blogosphere. This happens periodically, and when it does it drives me nutty. And makes me wonder why I'm even writing a blog. And forces me to question what I'm doing and why. Which... when I think about it... is not a bad thing. 

Keeping it real in my sun room.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Twiddling Our Thumbs... Between Planning & Leaving on a Big Trip

I love to be organized. But when it comes to trip planning, Hubby is even more organized than I am. He started reading and researching our South America trip last summer. Talking to friends who have travelled there, looking at their itineraries, deciding what countries and what places we might visit in those countries. I was too busy planning, and then attending, my junior high reunion in September. And planning my trip to New York, and then going on that trip, with my friend Elizabeth. But I promised that when I came home from New York, at the end of October, I would focus on our South America trip. And I did. And we've both been immersed in reading, planning, organizing our itinerary, booking, reorganizing the itinerary, rebooking... yadda yadda... ever since. We finished all this in time to drive home to New Brunswick for Christmas. And since the New Year, we've been making lists, and shopping, and planning what to pack. But, you already know that if you read this blog regularly. So everything is pretty much done, now. Flight confirmations, car rental vouchers, hotel confirmations, shuttle transfers... all printed and ready to go. The long list has been whittled down to a short list. And we've still a bit over a week before we leave. 

Soooooo. Now. Here we sit. Twiddling our thumbs. You see that's the problem with being organized, folks. What to do, now? How do we occupy ourselves in the time between getting everything done... and finally leaving on our big trip?

   Cream wool mock turtleneck from Gap, Scarf Nordstrom, black wool leggings from Vince, black Stuart Weitzman Brogan ankle boots, Zara down coat, burgundy Marc Jacobs bag
  Still winter here: I may be packing tank tops, but I wore my down coat to go shopping.