Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rainy Day Books

It's been a long hot summer here on the Rideau. Hot, humid, and with very little rain. Lots and lots of sun, and not many days like this. To be fair this shot was taken last spring when it's supposed to rain. But still. The odd rainy, unseasonably cool day over the past few weeks would have gone down a treat with me.

Rainy day on the Rideau
A rainy day on the Rideau... perfect for reading.
That's because I've been stuck into a great book a few times this summer... unwilling, and even unable, to come unstuck. And there's nothing better than a cool, rainy day to justify doing nothing but read... all day.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dipping My Toe in the Dress Over Pants Trend

Like most women who love clothes, I like to keep up with trends. I like to know what's in and what's out, and whether what's in or out will ultimately have any effect on my wardrobe. I like to look polished, pulled together, and current, but I don't usually like to go off the deep end when it comes to trends. Especially if it means spending money on something that might look dated next season. But shopping my closet for pieces I can recombine, or re-purpose to replicate a trend that I like. Dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. Maybe even wading in a little. Well, I'm all over that. 

The dress over pants (or trousers for you Brits) trend isn't new. It's been around off and on for ages. In one shape or another, one era or another, or one culture or another. I love this gold and red confection from the fifties. I can't say that I'd wear the skirt and pants... bit too dramatic for me. But those gold, kitten heel pumps would suit me just fine.

Skirt over pants in the fifties

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Why I Love Golf. Ha. And It's Not Why You Think.

I love golf. I started to play not long after I met my husband. He's an avid and excellent golfer and has been playing since he was a teenager. 

It all started with his teaching me to swing the club on the front lawn. Then we played our first game and I parred my first hole. Yep... I hit that darn little (one could even say minuscule) ball into the equally tiny hole in 4 strokes! Mirriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines "par" as "the number of strokes a good golfer is expected to take to finish a hole or course." Pffft, I thought dismissively... this game is easy... and fun. 

For a few moments I dreamed of playing at some of Prince Edward Island's fabled courses when we were at our rented cottage that summer.

And then later sipping afternoon tea on the veranda at Dalvay By The Sea... me in my fetching little golf skirt and sun visor.

Dalvay By the Sea
Then my husband cleared his throat and said, "Suz, you need to tee off." And with the second hole, the fun ended. For years. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

To Cruise... Or Not To Cruise

A while ago Hubby and I were at a party. And while he was standing with his buddies drinking beer and talking politics, or baseball, or golf, I was sitting with a group of ladies I've known for years, but usually only see at parties like this. Hockey parties. Not parties where hockey is played or watched. But parties held a few times a year where a group of up to twenty assorted couples get together, a group connected, at least initially, by the fact that the husbands play hockey together. And have for years. And years. 

So anyway, I was sitting that Saturday night, talking to Sue and Sue. Yep, there are a lot of Susans in our group. Our conversation was in part about cruises. Sue #1 had been on a Caribbean cruise last spring with three women friends and, although I had seen photos on Instagram, I hadn't spoken to her about it. She had a good time, she said. Everything was lovely. But she said there was a sameness to the daily island excursions that wore a bit thin after a while. And then we discussed the idea of cruises in general. Pros and cons. And, given that we're all getting older, whether cruising is something we might like to do when our current favourite mode of travel becomes unfeasible. Too exhausting or stressful or unmanageable. Sue's hubby and mine have known each other since they were teenagers playing junior hockey together. And they're similar in many ways including the fact that their wives both think (or know) that their husbands are not really cruise people. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Old Blogger Approved

Have you noticed that for a while, in internet-land, fashion blog post titles which read something like "Six Blogger Approved Ways to Wear Culottes" or "Blogger Approved Denim" were ubiquitous? Well, trust me, they were. Please note the use of the past tense here, and I'll explain a bit later. 

For now, let's focus on this pair of cropped pants which I bought at Nordstrom a week or so ago. Unfortunately they weren't part of the Anniversary Sale... but they were on my list for fall. And I love them. So they came home with me. Yep. These Veronica Beard navy, cropped "scuba" pants are definitely "blogger approved." At least by this blogger. Over the hill, and well past my sell-by date though I may be, I still love (dare I say obsess over) a great pair of cropped pants. I love the look of a polished cropped pant. They suit my body-type and my style preferences. And these pants in particular are stretchy and really comfortable, with edgy seaming down the back. And being navy they go with everything in my minimal closet. All of my tops, and most of my shoes and sandals.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Why the Internet Makes Me Crazy.

You know, some days I just want to smack my computer. Or something. Not someone... because I know that's wrong.

Like the other day, I checked out my Instagram account while I was pedaling my exercise bike. I should probably say here that, while I like social media, managing several different accounts means that it can eat up my day if I let it. So my time on the exercise bike is the time I've set aside to pay attention to my Instagram (and Pinterest and Twitter) account. Anyway, I saw that I had several new followers. Okay, that's good isn't it? But when I checked out my new followers, I was surprised that they had chosen to follow me. Not sure what a shirtless, twenty-something male, for example, would find interesting in my posts. Me... a retired, middle-aged, book addict posting about walks in Algonquin Park, bike rides on the Rideau... or my new skinny jeans. I didn't follow back because, well, I'm not interested in the photos this boy posts. And then the next day I saw that I'd been "unfollowed" by the same four followers I'd gained the day before. Presumably because I didn't follow them back. Ah well... easy come, easy go. But seriously, what were they thinking to begin with? Who has time for this nonsense? I mean, I follow those accounts which interest me, and expect that others will do the same. Sheesh... sometimes the antics on the internet... who follows whom, and how many followers does whomever have ... just make me laugh. Or roll my eyes. Or both.

Rolling my eyes on Paris.
Big eye rolls (and too many chins) in Paris last year.