Tuesday, 28 July 2015

All Alone. And Loving It.

The house is quiet this morning. Really quiet. Except for a few creaks. The birds chirping in the backyard. A lawnmower starting somewhere over the river. And the sounds of my keyboard clicking. Hubby is away all week canoeing and fishing in the wilds of Algonquin Park. And I'm here playing Greta Garbo.... "I want to be alone." And loving it. 

Not "alone and palely loitering" like that poor knight in John Keats' poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci." More like Henry David Thoreau's kind of alone. Except Hubby's the one in the woods. It's amazing how many literary and media references to being alone resemble the sad picture of the knight in Keats' poem, rather than the image of solitary bliss painted in Thoreau's work. 

Booth Lake, Algonquin Park. 2010

I like being alone from time to time. Need to be, in fact. Even though I'm a very social person, and when in company I yak, yak, yak, I'm quite shy. Well, except when I'm standing in front of a class, or a group of parents, where I'm confident that I know what I'm talking about. As a girl I was very shy. I remember a few years ago... twenty-one, to be exact... at my twentieth high school reunion, I was chatting with a friend who had been in my English class for three years in a row. And I said, "Remember how quiet I was in high school. How I never talked?" And she replied..."Never talked? Susan, you never shut up." "Really? I said, "That must have been the class where there weren't any cute boys." And then we both fell over laughing. I could talk like there was no tomorrow with friends or in situations where I was comfortable; but in some classes, I found it excruciating even to answer the roll call. 

I've always been content in my own company. And quite happy entertaining myself. Even as a child. Maybe that's part of being the youngest child by five years? I don't know. I just know that being alone, for me, is not lonely. It's time for replenishment. This was especially true when I was still teaching. When my days were a clamour of everybody wanting a piece of my time: students, teachers in my department, administrators, parents. You know, I'm beginning to think that I'm really an introvert who's been masquerading as an extrovert all these years.

Rideau River from our front lawn

Anyway... as I was saying, Hubby's away fishing for five days. And I'm on my own. Bliss. I've been reading. A lot. These are the two books I'm reading today.

And I've watched most of season three of Last Tango in Halifax. I love Derek Jacobi as Alan. Remember him as Brother Cadfael? Last Tango is a wonderful series, and just keeps on getting better and better. 

screen shot of Last Tango in Halifax

I have two more books and a DVD from the library on deck. 

The weather has been beautiful; between reading and watching, I've been walking. And lunching one day with a friend. And eating what I want, when I want. Breakfast at ten... dinner at eight-thirty or nine. But it's not all been self-indulgent activities. I have cleaned the house, a task I abhor. And I've been very attentive to Hubby's garden, watering the new sod and the potted herbs each day, picking the beans. But I must admit that I did these tasks in stints between reading, while plugged into a new Peter May mystery on my i-pod. 

Barrhaven Trail

You see, for me, far from being lonely or depressing, being alone feels luxuriously self-indulgent. And I feel lucky (and a bit guilty, if I'm honest) that I am able to have this time. I know that the requirements of work or family do not allow everyone the luxury. At least everyone who desires time spent alone. 

I've always been interested in the whole idea of being alone. Some of my favourite novels explore the concept of women and solitude. Like Joan Barfoot's Abra, and Constance Beresford Howe's Book of Eve; in each a female character abandons her life, her responsibilities, her family, for solitude and independence. Both are wonderful books. 

So this morning, before starting this post, I researched a bit about the solitary state, just surfing the internet, really. And I found this interesting article, a section of a book, by D.W. Winnicott, who was, according to Wikipedia, a noted English paediatrician and psychoanalyst. In his article "The Capacity To Be Alone", Winnicott discusses what he calls "the ability to be alone." He said much had been written about the fear of being alone, or the desire to be alone, but not much on the ability to be alone. And he describes the ability to be alone as a "sign of maturity in emotional development."  

Dawn on the Rideau River

To be clear, I am no psychologist; I know little about psychology, beyond my first year university psych course and some educational psychology the theory of which I have long forgotten. And since D.W. Winnicott died in 1971, his theories may be woefully out of date... I don't know. My friend Alice, who is a psychologist, would know... maybe if she reads this she can fill us in on more current "being alone" theory. 

But I do know that as much as I love company, doing things with friends, or with family, or my husband, I really need alone time. And at least once every year, I get that time... several days of it, in fact. When Hubby goes on his fishing trips. And I have the house to myself. 

And I'm all alone. Sigh. And loving it.

Hey. Do you think this means that I'm showing signs of "emotional maturity?" Well, well, well, wonders never cease.

Do you like to be alone?

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Summer in the City... Blogging My Way To Stress Free Dressing

Summer is here. Big time. It's been hot, hot, hot. I'm not complaining, mind you. We're back from camping and planning to spend the rest of the summer at home. And while home is not exactly in the city, I'll no doubt be spending a lot of time there. Lunching with friends, seeing the latest exhibits at the National Gallery, dining on a patio somewhere with Hubby or with friends, shopping.... or just running errands. Ottawa is a beautiful city, especially in the summer.

Colonel By Drive, along the Rideau Canal, Ottawa
Brown's Inlet on the Rideau Canal, from Colonel By Driveway
Which brings me to the point of this post. What do I wear when I'm doing all these things? You see, even though I love summer as much as the next person, I prefer fall when it comes to fashion. I'm a jeans, boots, and blazer kind of girl. Summer dressing is supposed to be sooo easy; just throw on a tank top and a pair of those cute little shorts, sandals and go. Uh... I don't think so. Short shorts are definitely out, as are crop tops, tube tops, and halter tops; tank tops are mostly out (except for cycling, or camping or somewhere no one will see me.) I prefer to be a bit more covered up these days... or do I mean years? But, Ottawa is humid in the summer, so one can't cover up too much. 

I know, I know. I make a big deal out of this outfit business. But as I've said on the blog before, I get cranky if I don't feel comfortable with what I'm wearing. Stressed, even. There's simply no point telling me that I shouldn't worry about how I look, just throw on something easy, no one cares. Many have tried to convince me of that. But, I am what I am, to quote Popeye. I've been like this since I was six, probably even before then. So, it's not something that's going to change when I "grow up"... and gain maturity and an adult perspective. Ha. Fat chance. 

National Gallery, Ottawa
Evening outside the National Gallery Ottawa, after seeing the Alex Colville exhibit
So, what do I wear, then, for a hot summer in the city... when I want to be cool, and look pulled together and polished, but am not keen to bare too much flesh? And how to make these decisions without trying on all my clothes and discarding, in a huge pile on my bed, everything that makes me look too old, or old and trying to look too young, or too puffy in the middle or .... well, you get the idea. 

Ottawa Sussex Drive looking up towards Parliament Hill
Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Looking toward Parliament Hill.
Well, for me, the answer means having a few key pieces that go with everything. 

New pieces that I've shopped carefully for, keeping in mind what looks good on my body and, more importantly, what doesn't. Like my black Rag and Bone tank top that I bought to take to Paris. As I said above, I don't usually like tank tops on me. They have to be high in the neck and cut-away in the shoulders. I've raved about this one in numerous posts so, enough said... except to say (again) that I love it. 

And old pieces that I still love, and that go with the new ones. And then I rotate the new ones through the old ones.   

Like this. My new black Rag and Bone tank, with new white jeans, bought this spring. For dinner out with the girls. I love black and white.  

black Rag and Bone tank, white NYDJ jeans

Or the Rag and Bone tank with these, more conservative, tan cropped pants from Theory. I bought these in 2012 and they've been a summer staple ever since. Ditto these Stuart Weitzman wedge-heeled, brown and black, tortoise-shell sandals. Add my ubiquitous Helmet Lang jacket for when it gets cooler in the evening... great for a fancier dinner out, maybe on Hubby's birthday. You know, I think I love black and tan, even more than black and white.

black Rag and Bone tank, tan Theory cropped pants, Stuart Weitzman sandals          black Ragblack Rag and Bone tank, tan Theory cropped pants, Stuart Weitzman sandals, Helmut Lang jacket

Or the same ensemble (minus the jacket and the clutch) for lunch and a stroll through the Byward market on a sunny afternoon. Hence the hat. Or a visit to see the Alex Colville exhibit at the National Gallery, followed by that same stroll through the market. Okay. Truthfully, I haven't actually worn the hat with this outfit... yet. I came close, then chickened out. It looked good, but just felt a bit costume-y. I'd definitely do the hat, though, if I were going to an outdoor antique fair, say the Merrickville Antique Show later in August. Everyone wears hats to that. Hmmm... I see from this shot that I need to wear a tank top when I'm cycling, instead of my short-sleeved cycling shirt. Despite SPF 50 sun screen, I've definitely got a farmer's tan on my arms. 

black Ragblack Rag and Bone tank, tan Theory cropped pants, Stuart Weitzman sandals

I could also wear my Rag and Bone tank with this black, Elie Tahari pencil skirt from 2010. The loose layers in the top make this look a bit like a flapper dress. I'd wear this for a nice dinner out. Or even to a friend's wedding later in the summer. 

black Rag and Bone tank, black Elie Tahari pencil skirt, Michael Kors sandals          black Rag and Bone tank, black Elie Tahari pencil skirt, Michael Kors sandals

Okay, so I've all these options, right? The black Rag and Bone tank looks great with...well...everything I own, pretty much. But how to decide which to wear with what and not accrue that enormous pile of discarded clothing on my bed?

This is where blogging comes in. Let me explain. 

When I was working, and I had to think up five outfits to wear every week, I'd get bored wearing the same combinations all the time. So every once in a while, I'd take a couple of hours and try on all my clothes. Looking for new ways to wear the same old stuff, or discovering ways to incorporate new items into my current wardrobe. I didn't have time to do this often, so I started taking notes on what worked and what didn't, otherwise I'd forget the new combinations I'd discovered. And I'd pin the list on my bulletin board in my den, so when I was at my desk marking at night, I could glance up at the list and think..."Hmmm, maybe I'll wear that tomorrow."  Result... I had new outfit combinations that I knew looked good, and no stress and indecision in the morning. Especially those mornings when I had an early meeting, and had to be out of the house before 7:00 A.M.

Then came retirement, and blogging entered my life. And fashion posts. And no more need for the list. Because pictures work so much better. 

For example, I'm  meeting two friends, Krista and Kristin, for dinner tonight. And undoubtedly while I'm drying my hair and putting on my make-up, I'll be pondering what to wear. And playing in my head will be an array of pictures that I've taken for this blog. 

The black Rag and Bone tank, bien sûr. But with what? The white jeans? Maybe. The tan cropped pants? Too lady-like. The black pencil skirt? Too dressy. Maybe my coral Elie Tahari pants that I wrote about in this post? Or my emerald green cropped jeans from TNT in Toronto, that I showed with a black tee and the Helmut Lang jacket in this post? Nah. Too dark. Those pants are better with loafers than sandals. 

See? Blogging gives me a pre-selected range of outfits from which to choose. And I know from the pictures how I'll look in each one. No stress summer dressing.

Of course blogging can't help me with that fact that I can't wear short shorts anymore, or cropped tops. Actually, I haven't worn a cropped top since I had an adorable, pink and white striped one (we called them pop tops then) and matching pink and white striped bell bottoms... and I was twelve. Nope. The blog is no help there. 

Time marches on, people. 

And speaking of time marching on. Below is a shot of me and my lovely friend Marina. We had lunch this week at Cafe Mio in Westboro. We ate and laughed and gossiped and laughed some more. Marina and I worked together for almost fourteen years. Fourteen! Ackkk. Hard to believe. I'll be glad when she retires and we don't have to wait for the summer to do this.                  

And speaking of time... which is definitely still marching on. I've got to go do my work-out and then get ready for dinner. Hmmm... I wonder... will it be the white pants or the pink? 


How do you decide what to wear? 

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Have Books Will Travel

A week or so ago we packed up the old tent trailer and headed up the valley for our annual early-July camping trip, "The Great Ottawa Valley Tour," as we call it. We've been doing this for more than twenty years. It heralds the beginning of summer for us. 

When I was first teaching, I did not make the transition from the whirlwind of exam prep and marking, marks calculation, report card writing, graduation ceremonies, planning meetings... end of school year, full-on, frenzy mode... to full-stop vacation mode very well. For weeks, I moped around the house, trying to muster energy to do stuff that I needed to do (like cleaning) or even stuff that I wanted to do (like planning barbecues with friends, or shopping summer sales.) I sighed a good deal; I whined about being tired, being bored, or feeling fat. I was a mess and a total pain in the neck. Then I would have a melt-down and a "good cry," as my mum says, and I'd feel better. Sometimes this melt-down wouldn't happen until we were embarking on our canoe trip at the end of July. An hour or two from home, I'd start to sob and by the time we reached the access point and had to unload the truck, I'd feel better. 

Canoe is loaded and we're headed up Turner's Road to go fishing in Algonquin Park
Turner's Road, near Bonnechere, Ontario

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Looking for Love ... Fall Fashion Love

For a week or so I've been singing (in my head) a country song from the 1980's... from that truly awful movie, Urban Cowboy, staring John Travolta and Debra Winger.  

That was definitely one terrible movie. So cheesy. But, with songs by Boz Scaggs and Bonnie Raitt, it had a great soundtrack. Great if you like country music. And I do, at least some country music. Anyway. All week, I've been singing lines from the Johnny Lee song... the one that goes... "Lookin' for love in all the wrong places. Lookin' for love in too many faces... Lookin' for love...." 

That's because I am looking for love. Trying to find inspiration for fall shopping. Trying to psych myself up for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that starts soon. My buddy Liz who is the personal shopper at the Rideau Center Nordstrom told me about this "event" last month. Since I was a faithful shopper at the Holts yearly pre-fall event in August... she knew I would be interested. Yup... I am. New fall looks going on sale for one week in July and then disappearing again until the actual fall season starts... I'm interested. Or I should be. I will be. Once I am able to summon up any enthusiasm for fall. 

Summer has only just started around here. I haven't had time to wear my summer clothes yet. I dreamed up all kinds of summer outfits to incorporate my pre-Paris purchases, and my post-Paris purchases, not to mention favourite items from years gone by. And I've hardly worn any of them. I'm not ready to be thinking about fall.... not feeling the love for fall... at all, at all. And that's why I'm looking for inspiration. Looking in magazines and on-line trying to get a feel for Fall 2015. Hoping to be struck by love at first sight. You know, that feeling where your heart skips a beat, you get all fluttery inside... and you just know that you and that tweed blazer, or those camel pants and that soft, creamy silk blouse were meant to be together. 

I checked out the Fall 2015 Runway Report in the June/July issue of Harper's Bazaar. Graphic prints, menswear inspired suits, "swinging '60s" mini skirts, bohemian maxi dresses. Meh. I didn't hate anything. Well, except for the "Rock 'n Roll Chic" stuff. How about that Courtney Love inspired Saint Laurent look on the lower left, with the ripped fishnet stockings, eh? ...Uh... I don't think so! But for the rest. It was same old, same old. Nothing new, nothing that we haven't seen creeping in these last few seasons. Bu-ut, when I think about it, that can be good, you know. It means that Fall 2015 can be all about updating items that I already own. Or replacing others that I've worn to death. Like boots; I really need a new pair of boots. And maybe adding some of those looks that I didn't embrace last season. But which have grown on me. Like a pant with a fuller leg? Hmmm. Maybe.

All images from "Runway Report," in Harper's Bazaar, June/July 2015
And while the Bazaar fall "forecast" didn't make me fall in love, I wasn't entirely unsuccessful in my search for looks that did. I love this silk blouse and tweed blazer from Ralph Lauren that I saw in the July issue of Vogue. The high collar with those lovely chandelier earrings... very Downton Abbey, wouldn't you say? I won't be investing in a new tweed jacket; I already own a couple that still make my heart go pitty-pat. But a soft, silky blouse would be a good investment. Great with the tweed jacket and jeans and boots. 

Vogue, July 2015
And while this look from the April Vogue was meant to be for spring, it would also be great for fall. I really like the idea of mixing textures, the heavy cable-knit sweater with the frothy skirt. And those thick-soled oxfords give the outfit some weight... making it cool instead of blah. Not sure I'd get much wear out of a skirt. But I like this one.

Vogue April 2015
I subscribe to the weekly on-line magazine The Edit from Net-a-porter.com. I love the things the editors at Net-a-porter do with clothes. Gives me all kinds of ideas. Like this look on Laura Linney from the latest issue. That Burberry coat, that Frame Demin blouse, those Etro pants.... so minimalist and mono-chromatic, except for those killer Gianvito Rossi burgundy pumps, and a pop of red lipstick. So lovely. In fact, it was love at first sight. You can read the article on Laura Linney in The Edit here.

The Edit
And later in the same issue I saw this look on actress Naomi Harris. So very chic. Perfect for fall. Her animal print pants are by Altuzarra, and the camel sweater is by Chloe. Black and camel and gold. Sigh. You can read the whole article on Naomi Harris in The Edit, and check out her other fall looks here.

The Edit
It's nice to see that animal print is still around this season. I have an animal print cardigan that I still love and haven't worn as much as I should. But while I love this outfit, I could never pull off a slim fitting sweater like that, with those cotton, stretch Altuzarra pants. Not anymore. But I could definitely go for that sweater with a different pant. Maybe high-waisted and a bit fuller in the leg? Or a sweater that was a bit looser, and maybe a teensy bit longer.

Eh, voila. Both cashmere turtlenecks are by Chloe, both found on Net-a-porter.com. The grey one is cut more generously, and bit longer than the camel. Not that dissimilar to my own grey Vince turtleneck from Fall 2013. See. Now I love both of these looks. 


In my quest for fall fashion love, I checked out a Danish blog called Look de Pernille and found this post about German designer Dorothee Schumacher. I had never heard of her...and I probably wouldn't be able to get her clothes in Canada, anyway. But I like her designs. Her clothes are very chic, with clean lines and no fuss. These are three looks from her Fall 2015 collection. You can check out the entire Dorothee Schumacher Fall 2015 line here.



I love all of these looks. Those burgundy suede pants are scrumptious. Love the orange on orange sweater and skirt. That grey coat is very Max Mara, in my opinion. Very slouchy, retirement chic. And while I might not be able to find Dorothee Schumacher here, I will definitely find Max Mara. And Vince, and Theory, and all the other lines that I love. I know I will.

But sadly, despite all my searching, I still haven't been able to summon up any enthusiasm for shopping for fall. Not yet. Not when it's 30 degrees outside. And I get hot just thinking about pulling on a turtleneck... in the middle of July. And I can't think of anything I really must have. Or desperately need.

So it seems I will hit the sale next week with no real burning desires. No sense of my 'must-haves' for fall. No preconceived idea of what I want, or need. Well, except for boots. I'll look for low heeled booties, not black. Yep, I'll be flying without a net, or, in this case shopping without a list. Which, in my opinion, is just as dangerous, people. And something I pretty much never do.

"Listless" shopping will be an entirely new experience for me. I guess I'll just cruise the store, "lookin' for love." No plan, just check out the merchandise and see what strikes my fancy. See if there's a special sweater that makes my heart skip a beat, or a creamy silk blouse that was just meant to be mine. 

And you know what... I'm kind of looking forward to it, now.

Are you able to psych yourself up for fall shopping at the beginning of summer? Or do you pretty much not bother until fall rolls around?

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Singing the Blues

Summer is finally here. So we're not really singing the blues... except to revel in the fact that there's been so much blue sky. We've been biking and walking and gardening. Okay, to be honest, Hubby has been gardening and I've been offering encouraging words, and eating the fresh produce, of course. I don't garden. I hate gardening...weeding... or picking of any kind. It all started with a bad experience with beans when I was a teenager. But I'll save that story for another post.

The official start of our summer is Canada Day on July 1.  And even though it rained hard off and on all day, I hear the festivities at Parliament Hill were well attended. We sat on our sofa and watched our neighbour's backyard fireworks across the river. Not too bad despite the rain, and the wind, which was quite strong at times. Apparently, the fall-out from fireworks can be bad news if they land on your roof. We wondered if the neighbour downwind had the fire department on speed dial. 


A week or so ago, I was able to partake in what will no doubt for me become just as much a harbinger of summer as Canada Day... Nordstrom's Summer Sale. I went. I saw. I spent. And now you might say that I'm really singing the blues.... or more to the point... singing the praises of blue. 

The Nordstrom store in Ottawa has only been open a few months, and I'm a fan. Not only because several of my favourite sales people from Holt Renfrew were wisely (in my opinion) hired by Nordstrom, when Holts closed. But also because I really like their merchandise. I loved Holts and shopped there for years. But Nordstrom has fewer high end designers than Holts did, brands like Armani and Prada, which I love, but can not afford. And more of the middle of the road ones, like Theory and Vince, which I can. 

The day I visited was almost the last day of the sale and I didn't have much hope that I would find anything. My friend Liz opened a dressing room for me, and I toured the sales racks. I was being strict with myself; I was looking for long, loose tops or casual summer dresses. That's it. No being tempted by something I didn't need just because it was on sale. 

I tried on at least ten tops. Maybe more. And I found this light, almost sheer, denim blue and white Tory Burch tunic. It's so light you can see the red of our deck and the green of the trees right through it. And, what's more, I tried it on in April when I was shopping for our Paris trip, and didn't buy it. And now it was on sale. Yah. And while I didn't need it for spring in France, it sure is exactly what I was hoping to find for summer in Ottawa.

Tory Burch tunic

I've worn it lots already. With a white cami underneath, my rolled up Citizens of Humanity jeans, and my black Michael Kors flat sandals... for running errands... or coffee with a friend. 

Tory Burch tunic, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Michael Kors sandals     Tory Burch tunic, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Michael Kors sandals

Or with my white cropped NYDJ jeans, a denim blue cami underneath and my black sandals. I'm off to my book club luncheon here.

Theory cami, Tory Burch tunic, NYDJ white jeans, Michael Kors sandals and tote bag     Theory cami, Tory Burch tunic, NYDJ white jeans, Michael Kors sandals and tote bag

Or even with an old pair of Hudson white, boot cut jeans. I might start wearing these jeans again. I like them with this top. And these metallic sandals from several years ago.

Tory Burch tunic, Hudson boot cut white jeans

Or if it's a bit cooler. Like in August. I could swap out the denim blue cami for this navy one, and wear my blue Smythe blazer and my Stan Smith Adidas. This Smythe blazer has been a real "workhorse" in my wardrobe for years. 

Tory Burch tunic, Smythe blazer, Hudson white bootcut jeans, Stan Smith adidas     Tory Burch tunic, Smythe blazer, Hudson white bootcut jeans, Stan Smith adidas

And speaking of resurrecting items from years past. I've been looking for a new way to wear this Burberry denim pencil skirt. I love, love this skirt. It never bags or loses its shape and has four beautiful pewter buttons along the slit in the back. I featured this skirt in a post I wrote last summer on "Investment Dressing"... you can read it here if you're interested. You know an investment piece has paid off when, even after several seasons, you can pair it with something new, say, a new top, and go, "Ahhh. I still love this." 

Tory Burch tunic, Burberry denim skirt, Stan Smith Adidas

This is what I wore to run errands yesterday. So comfortable. And my first foray into the sneakers with a skirt trend. And while I was waltzing down memory lane with my skirt and white boot-cut jeans, I thought I would dig out this old straw Michael Kors bag. I have had this for many moons... and never been able to get rid of it, even when I bought my gold leather tote from MK a couple of years ago. I'm thinking that the metallic clasp and handle trim make it very on trend? Or not. I just love it anyway. And it looks great with this "run-around" outfit.  

Tory Burch tunic, Burberry denim skirt, Stan Smith Adidas, Michael Kors straw tote     Tory Burch tunic, Burberry denim skirt, Stan Smith Adidas, Michael Kors straw tote

So in my last fashion post I was all about pink. Now... I'm blue all over. Blue on blue, and blue on white. Not singing the blues, but definitely singing the praises of blue. 

And I'm hoping that my team does well in the Tour de France. This year I'm harking back to the past and cheering again for the Astana team... and of course it has nothing to do with those fetching turquoise blue uniforms. Nothing at all. 

Hubby and I will be camping next week... off in the wilderness. So I won't be posting for a week or so. Enjoy the beginning of summer folks. That is unless you live in the southern hemisphere.... then happy beginning of winter. 

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